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The once proud sentinels of American family farms are rapidly disappearing from our landscape. Many silos that once dotted the rural agricultural lands now stand unused in states of disrepair. These iconic symbols were originally erected beginning in the 1880’s and were made of wood, stone, tile, concrete, brick, steel or other metals. They were used to preserve feed and create fodder for the livestock use year around. The demise of the silo has been attributed to the diminishing number of farms. The ideal of the family farm in the America is rapidly facing crisis after crisis impacting their viability with more than 100,000 farms lost in the last ten years. The silo will remain forever in our hearts as the symbol of the American family farm and stand tall and proud to tell its history.
Twin Stone SilosTwin Stone SilosTwin Stone SilosTwin Stone SilosTwin Concrete SilosTwin Concrete SilosDrive Thru SiloModern and Older Silos TogetherWooden SiloWooden SiloSmall Corrugated Metal SiloTwo Abandoned SilosOvergrown SiloBrick SiloConcrete Stave SiloConcrete Stave SiloTile SiloTile SiloTile Silo with CrackTwo Silos