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Riding thru rural India, our driver was discussing all the agricultural items being raised on small farms throughout the region. After commenting that ginger as something I didn’t know how was grown, the driver secreted this away as something for my future education. Two days later, he brought our car to an abrupt halt and went running across a field full of people. He soon returned to the car urging us to follow him, stating that I was now to learn about growing ginger.
Men use hoes to expose the ginger rootsThey must be careful not to damage the rootsWomen gather the roots and remove the soilThe women pile the cleaned ginger to be taken to the next sorting pointSome clumps are large while others are smallThe roots are placed in abasketThe baskets in the field await transport to the next operationLarge clumps of roots are broken down into smaller section at the sorting pileThe work is all done by hand by men and women in the field before taken to market